Microsoft 365 Business

“Is Microsoft 365 Business Premium worth the $20 cost?”

Consider the value of all the capabilities that are included – productivity apps, advanced security, device management

  • Less expensive than third party
  • Single integrated solution
  • One supplier

Our objective is

  • All about simplifying technology investment
  • Point solutions are costly and create fragmentation
  • Integrated solution of Microsoft 365 Business enables SMB’s to have all their productivity and security needs in one package
  • Let’s look at the typical technology stack that SMBs need to securely run and grow their business – productivity apps, advanced security capabilities, and device management functionality – SMBs could cobble these capabilities together from different suppliers, and it could easily cost over $100/user/month, and it’s not just about cost…
  • These solutions would not be integrated, they would be a challenge for an SMB to deploy and to get full value out of.
  • So the reality is that most SMBs simply don’t deploy this full stack of solutions… buying these from multiple suppliers often doesn’t happen

M365B includes the same enterprise-grade security features that you get in the Enterprise SKUS – for example… there is no difference between the ATP that you get in E5 and the ATP in M365B.

However, compare this to Microsoft 365 Business… it’s a single integrated solution that brings together all of these capabilities for the price of just $20 per user per month – which is roughly 40% less than the cost of buying each of these solution individually from Microsoft.

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