VOIP / Communications

Still using traditional phone service and paying high local and long distance rates?  Have you considered voice over IP?  Voice over IP is a proven technology that many businesses are turning to to reduce costs, bundle services and save. 

Implementing Voice over IP (VoiP):

Lower Costs

  • Decrease monthly telecom and internet costs Decrease costly administration and attendant call control
  • Consolidate service providers (PBX, Internet and voice)
  • Upgrades your data network
  • Replaces PBX
  • Eliminate unwanted paper - inbound faxing to email - voice mail to email
  • Eliminates a need for PBX maintenance contract

Improves employee productivity

  • "Find me" feature allows sales staff to "always be in the office"
  • Streamline Administration Time
  • Allows easy to perform phone line moves, adds and changes (when opening and closing a project)
  • Brings all communication responsibilities under one umbrella (currently using multiple service providers for various communication needs)
  • Improves Call Monitoring and Control
  • Provides access to call activity information and filtering of inbound calls.

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