Remote Network Monitoring

How important is your network to your business?  Can your staff operate with out email?  What happens when your network is down?  More importantly, how quickly can it get back up and running?

As end user needs expand and new technology emerges, system resources and personnel are stretched to their limits.  Businesses doing business rely on more complex information technologies than ever before.  Email, groupware, video conferencing, Internet, intranet, databases, applications…just to name a few, all reliant on a network to be trouble free.

Zonics offers a remote network monitoring solution called "Z-Mon" that identifies and alerts our certified technicians to fix network issues before they become a network problem.

Simply put, this allows Zonics to remotely monitor your network, securely, and fix problems before they ever impact your business; saving your company time and money.  "Z-mon" allows you to maintain performance standards across a wide range of systems, hubs, servers, LAN's, WAN's and other components of your network.

  • Zonics advanced remote network monitoring services:
  • Reduce System costs in down time and lost information
  • Improve end-user productivity through increase performance
  • Provides for long term planning and trend analysis
  • Ensures system performance, specifications, and expectations
  • Reduces technology deployment and utilization risks

Optional Services

  • Fixed and flexible investment options
  • Asset Tracking
  • Staff Augmentation