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Founded with a desire to protect small businesses and their financial stakeholders, Cysurance™ is an expert at managing cybercrime risk and limiting damage and financial impact. Our comprehensive solution safeguards small business revenue against privacy breaches, identity theft, system damage and other cybercrimes. In addition to our robust cyber risk management solutions, we offer a full marketplace and CaaS, which is a key differentiator enabled by technology.

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Ransom Protect

The cost of downtime due to ransomware is up 200% year-over-year. How confident are you that existing software will catch someone in the act?  RansomProtect™ introduces customers to the ease of our platform and provides reimbursement for expenses from one of the most common cyber threats – ransomware.

Compliance Protect

The trend in privacy legislation means one missed update or coding error could cost your customer their entire business. Are you ready to take that risk? Compliance Protect™ provides reimbursement for fines and penalties caused by the failure of compliance software.

We’re rooted in data, which means our policies are too. Cysurance Essential™ is a safety net for your clients network. It offers distinct customization that helps you structure an insurance program similarly to the benefits of a full standalone policy.

Cysurance Complete™ is a broad, standalone policy that covers incident response, business interruption, digital data recovery, network extortion and third-party liability costs. There is no application or underwriting. Sponsors can bind the policy for their clients in minutes and it’s effective immediately.

Cysurance Essential™ is solely focused on the risks to which your clients have historically been exposed. It gives clients peace of mind while simultaneously helping your business grow.

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